Richmond Glass Works - Functional Art by Brice Booker Richmond Glass Works. Handcrafted Design Originals. Brice Booker, Artist.
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View My Fused Glass Making Process

Each fused glass item is hand crafted in my studio and reflects one of my original designs.
I begin by cutting pieces of clear glass to the desired shape. On this blank piece of glass I lay one of the stencils I have hand cut from my designs. Then using sifters I apply a powdered colored glass thru the different stencils until I have completed the design.
Another piece of clear glass, the same size, is carefully placed on top of the finished design. This is then nested over the appropriate mold for the size and shape and placed in the kiln. It is slowly heated to approximately 1500 degrees, at which temperature the layers fuse together and the piece slumps into the mold forming the desired shape.
This process fuses the layers together encasing the colors, ensuring they will never wear.

Each piece after slow cooling is removed from the kiln, cleaned, inspected, and initialed on the back. The tableware is then ready for your everyday enjoyment. Being both food and dishwasher safe I hope you will get years of enjoyment from my work.

Brice Booker, Artist