Photograph of Brice Booker, Artist. Richmond Glass Works. Handcrafted Design Originals. Brice Booker, Artist.
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Chickadee Serving Dishes
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Chickadee Serving Dishes
A playfull pair of chickadees on a pine bough work well for any season or occasion.
This design is also available in:
Chickadee Salad/Cereal Bowl
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Size 7.5" - A multi purpose shallow bowl that also works perfectly as a candy or nut dish, as well as for berries or ice cream. These are also perfect to pair with our serving pieces to hold dips, salsa or oils.
Chickadee Square Plate
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Size 8.5" - Cheese and crackers, appetizers or cookies are just a few serving ideas for this wonderful square dish. The shape also lends itself perfectly for display.
Chickadee Small Tray
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Size 11'x 5.5" - This small tray is useful in a variety of ways. For food from relish and breadsticks, to asparagus or tea breads, it is also perfect for a dresser or coffee table.
Chickadee Large Tray
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Size 15"x7" - The most popular and versatile serving piece. This tray will be used over and over for items such as bread, appetizers, crudites, or desserts. Paired with the salad bowl for dip, they make a wonderful gift set.