Richmond Glass Works - Functional Art by Brice Booker Richmond Glass Works. Handcrafted Design Originals. Brice Booker, Artist.
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About the Artist

My passion for working with glass began more than 20 years ago as a stained glass hobbiest. Finding pleasure in the creative qualities and versatility of glass, my hobby turned into a full time glass studio in 1990. At that time, I was working from my home in Richmond, Maine, hence the name Richmond Glass Works. Since then, most of my work has evolved from stained glass to the functional art of glass fusing.

Raised and schooled in Maine, I draw much of my inspiration from this New England background. From the wild lupine found along a country road, or a playful chickadee in a pine tree, to the coastal lighthouse, I hope you are able to see this influence in my work.

I design and handcraft each piece in my studio in Newton, Massachusetts. My work can be found here on my web site, in my studio, or at one of the craft shows listed under upcoming shows.


Brice Booker, Artist